Our guided gallery capture takes stock of car angles, perspectives, and points-of-view in a manner that attracts real customer appeal to attract, engage and excite them all the way in their buyer’s journey.

Capture. Click. Convert.

Initiate sales uptick with our guided gallery capture

guided gallery captures

They say a good photo is worth well over 1000 words. But what they might not have mentioned is this—a bad photo could cost you well over $1000 in revenue as well.

Using static photos and stock photos from car producers to advertise your vehicles either on your website or on other online advertisement channels means you may not just be doing potential customers a big disservice, but you might also be robbing your business of thousands in revenue.

Our guided gallery captures give you an opportunity to adopt your showroom to the digital virtual market through professionally-staged, real photos that offer customers a real glimpse into what their car should look like. More sales, more revenue, better ROI.

As car dealership, rental, or auctioneer, a professionally presented gallery speaks volumes about the quality of your cars and your brand. Whether you’re operating using your website or using other mediums of advertisement.

This advantage has all the makings of a game-changer for your business.  The reason for this is not rocket science. Having more photos of your different vehicles increases the probability of visitors and random internet users that are potential leads to be converted for your business because these visitors are already engaged, and they more often than not, like your content.

One of the sale-uptake techniques in our arsenal which we use in securing next-level results for our clients is the guided gallery capture. And it’s not hard to see why. The beginning of the buyer’s journey in any action, car sales, or car rental begins and ends with a visual representation of your cars.

This is why the quality of your gallery could make or mar your business prospect. Apart from this, it could also increase or decrease the stock of your cars as these numeric values are often hinged on customer perception and expectations.

If you think customers do not judge a book by its cover when it comes to car sales? Then think again. Our Guided Gallery Capture services give strategic insights and foresight that will enable them make favorable on-the-spot, split-second buying decisions.

Being able to guide users through a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process through vehicle-specific guided images is essential to helping them, and your business secure a win-win. Saves re-investable time, and your business credibility is intact as well. Happy days!