Besides the aesthetically-appealing nature of it, our blurring services give your buyers a focus-centered visualization of your cars with emphasis on the selling points.

The more they look, the more they see only the features that matter

Focus on the features that matter

features that matter

The blur effect in photography has been all the rave in the vehicle photography industry for a while now and the reason is there for all to see. With high-quality blur, the car looks sharps compared to the rest of the image.

We also take into consideration other factors like the background of the car photograph. We remove distracting clutter and background elements that might take some attention off the car and divert the customer’s focus from making on-the-spot buying decisions.

This makes for a much more engaging content that’ll make your car the superstar of the show, and the only focus-worthy object in the photographs. Remember, it’s all about focusing on the things that matter.

Our background blurring services render your cars on display to be aesthetically pleasing, satisfying, and compelling enough for buyers to want to zoom, rotate, take a closer inspection, and voila! They’re all caught up.

This could be just the right catalyst for your customers to enable them access the options they need for them to make a well-informed purchase.