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Adopt your showroom to the new digital virtual market

Market has changed

The landscape of car sales in auto dealerships, rental agencies and car auctions is taking a new dimension especially in today’s radically advancing markets. In the past, as a car dealer, you could conduct your automobile business by withholding a few details about the cars you sell, and you would still close sales. 

After all, all you need is to secure an appointment for that customer. If you had a really good salesman, you could secure multiple buy-ins with less CPA (cost per acquisition)

Times have changed, it’s not the case anymore with today’s consumers, and the reason for this is not hard to find.  There is a huge amount of information out there in the digital space that consumers have unrestricted access to, and are ready to leverage upon when they want to make a buying decision.

From multiple choices of products, to the wealth of information available, not to mention the millions of customer reviews on each product. If you think there can be too much information for you to put out there about your cars, then think again.

If a customer can take painstaking effort and excess time to check Amazon listings for the best watches, then how much more for a car? Especially when these customers are not ones that sees a car as something to transport them from point A to point B, but instead, see a car as an extension of themselves. You would expect that they would exercise maximum carefulness and attention to detail.

This can only mean one thing for car dealerships, car rentals, and auction bidders—that when it comes to car sales, the dealer/seller who is the most transparent is always the winner—in a “winner takes all” scenario.

Now more than ever, dealers must meet their customer’s expectations with easy-to-integrate 360°  interior and exterior images that give them an accurate and sophisticated representation of the dealer’s cars, boosts care sales, and reduces costs with analytics and reporting to identify the driving forces behind your customers buying decisions—so it’s a win-win for both the dealers and the customers.

Our panoramic 360° car photos make your car tour a digital storefront that is sleek, navigable, and appealing to the eyes of the average buyer.

Adopt your showroom to the new digital virtual market